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Must-Reads on This Website - Nominate a read by emailing me
1 Hearts, Minds, and Dollars by David Kaplan
2 The Evolution of Strategic Influence by Susan Gough
3 Reporting Atrocity by S Power
4 Transforming for Stabilization & Reconstruction Operations by H Binnendijk & S E Johnson
5 Truth from these Podia: Strategic Influence, Perception Management & PSYOP in GW2, by Sam Gardiner
6 Dissuading Terror: Strategic Influence and the GWOT by Kim Cragin & Scott Gerwehr
7 New US PSYOP doctrine, Jan 2010
8 Strategic Communications: a mandate for the US by Jeffrey B Jones
9 IO in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom: what went wrong by Joseph L Cox
10 US National Strategy for Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy
11 Fighting the War of Ideas like a Real War by Michael Waller
12 UK Defence Communications Strategy (2007)
13 Fourth Generation War by William Lind et al.
14 UK Media Operations JDP 3-45.1
15 Cerberus to Mind: Media as Sentinel in the Fight against Terrorism by Randall G Bowdish
16 An Interview with Col. Sam Gardiner
17 Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on PSYOP (2000)
18 Report of the Defence Science Task Force on Strategic Communication (2004)
19 America's Team: The Odd Couple by Frank Aukopfer & William Laurence
20 Changing Minds, Winning Peace: PD for the Arab and Muslim World. October 2003.
21 Shock and Awe, Achieving Rapid Dominance by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade
22 Strategic Information Warfare: a new face of war by R Mollander et al
23 America's Role in Nation-Building: From Germany to Iraq from RAND
24 2007 Stategy for PD and Strategic Communications
25 Enlisting Madison Avenue - 2007 Rand Report

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