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Useful publications by other authors
1 A Virtuous Warrior in a Savage World by C J Dunlap
2 Understanding Conflict & War, Vol. 1 - The Dynamic Psychological Field By R.J. Rummel
3 Information Dominance by Martin C. Libicki
4 Dissuasion as a Strategic Concept by R L Kugler
5 The Attacks of 9/11: Evidence of a Clash of Religions? by David G. Kibble
6 America's Role in Nation-Building: From Germany to Iraq from RAND
7 Humanitarian and Peace Operations: NGOs and the Military in the Interagency Process by L W Davidson
8 Information Age Transformation: Getting to a 21st Century Military by D S Alberts
9 The Big Issue: Command & Combat in the Information Age Edited by D Potts
10 Power to the Edge: Command & Control in the Information Age by D S Alberts & R E Hayes
11 Knowledge & Diplomacy by (author unknown)
12 Reinventing Diplomacy in the Information Age by CSIS
13 The Information Revolution in the Middle East & Africa by G E Burkhart & S Older
14 Using the Media for Conflict Transformation by S D Melone
15 Muslims and the West: Testing the 'clash of civilisations' thesis by P Norris & R Inglehart
16 Diplomacy and the new information environment by Steve Livingstone
17 From the Information Economy to the Creative Economy by S Venturelli
18 Power and Interdependence in the Information Age by Robert Keohane & Joseph Nye
19 Diplomacy in the New Information Environment by Steven Livingston
20 Robert Kagan's articles in the Washington Post
21 Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan
22 The Art of War by Sun Tsu
23 The Clash of Civilizations? by Samuel Huntington
24 Shock and Awe by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade
25 Why military power is no longer enough by Joseph Nye
26 Propaganda Isn't the Way: Soft Power by Joseph Nye
27 Battlefields of the Future
28 Redefining NATO's mission in the Information Age By Joseph Nye
29 America's Information Edge: The Nature of Power by Joseph Nye & Wlliam Owens
30 America in the Age of Geodiplomacy by P Khanna
31 Myths of the Global Information Village by C Moisy
32 Relearning Counter Insurgency Warfare by R R Tomes
33 The Rise of Netpolitik: how the internet is changing international politics and diplomavy by D Bolli
34 The changing forms of military conflict by L Freedman
35 The Behavior of Crowds: A Psychological Study by Everett Dean Martin
36 The Crowd by Gustav le Bon
37 Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann
38 The Information Age: An Anthology on Its Impact and Consequences Edited by David S. Alberts and Dani
39 The Art of War by Sun Tzu
40 Animal Farm by George Orwell
41 1984 by George Orwell
42 Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
43 The US Army in Somalia, 1992-94 by Richard Stewart
44 Defining Information Power by Dan Kuehl
45 The sunset of Humanitarian Intervention? by Tomas Weiss
46 Al Q'aida, Trends in Terrorism & Future Potentialities by B Hoffman
47 Terrorism, the Future & US Foreign Policy by R Perl (September 12, 2001)
48 Two perspectives on interventions & humanitarian operations (Somalia) by R B Oakley & E H Tilford
49 Foreign Policy in the age of Terrorism by H Kissinger
50 Common Perceptions of Civilian Casualties from Bombing by J S Corum
51 Rethinking Terrorism in light of the war on terrorism by B Hoffman
52 Effects Based Operations by E A Smith
53 Effects Based Operations: Change in the Nature of War by D A Deptula
54 Hard Power Soft Power Reconsidered by B A Smith-Windsor
55 War Rhetoric after 9/11 by B Mral
56 Information Power by Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger and Gernot Brodnig
57 A Brief History of the Satellite Communications Industry by V S Labrador and V I Galace
58 World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000
59 The media and the challenge of the new technologies from UNESCO
60 War as Game by J Der Derian
61 Proliferation in the 'axis of evil' by A H Cordesman
62 Transformation Study Report - Prepared for Secretary of Defence 2001
63 The Rise of the Brand State by Peter van Ham

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