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Phil Taylor's papers

1 1999 Article on Commando Solo
2 The UK's 'secret' Arabic radio station and the Suez War Propaganda Disaster by Douglas A Boyd
3 PSYOPS in Kosovo by Herbert A Friedman
4 The Terminology of Terrorism: Malaya, 1848-52 by Phillip Deery
5 PSYOP is a Nasty Term - Too Bad by Fred Walker
6 The Major Developments in Political Warfare, 1938-45
7 Psychological Operations - the ethical dimension by Michael Aquino
8 PSYOP in Afghanistan (video)
9 From PSYOP to Mind War by P E Valley & M A Aquino
10 Vietnam Psywar by J T Chaput
11 Film Footage of Psyops air drop preparation
12 Psychological Operations: Principles & Case Studies, ed. by Frank Goldstein*
13 Conducting PSYOPS in sophisticated media environments by S C Larsen
14 FMI 3.07 Counter Insurgency Operations Field Manual
15 PSYOPS in the Vietnam War website
16 When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing by W M Arkin
17 Recommendations for Psychological Warfare in Korea (1950)
18 Psychological Operations Interview with Larry Dietz
19 PSYOP essay (author unknown)
20 USAF PSYOP doctrine 2-5.3 (1999)
21 Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on PSYOP
22 PSYOPS as a challenge for Military Operations in the 21st Century by Peter Jandejsek et al
23 Glossary of Relevant Terms & Acronyms
24 JP 353 Joint Doctrine for Psychological Operations
25 USAF PSYOP Doctrine (1994)
26 Some Psychological Lessons From Leaflet Propaganda in World War II by M F Herz (1949)
27 Psychological Warfare for the Malayan Emergency by Herb Friedman
28 Psychological operations (PSYOPs): A conceptual overview by S Narula
29 An Introduction to PSYOP by Prof Phil Taylor
30 Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (CAPOC)
31 Aerial Leaflet Database from
32 Improving Tactical PSYOP Video in Media Austeer Environments by A Tulak
33 PSYOP Leaders Planning Guide (US)
34 US PSYOP 'information' video
35 Some snaps of Commando Solo taken by me.
36 Terrorism as Psychological Warfare by Alex Schmid
37 Minds then Hearts: US Psychological Warfare in the Korean War by M R Jacobson
38 Terrorism as Psychological Warfare by Alex Schmidt
39 The Need to Understand the Psychological Plane of Warfare by Ryan Clow
40 USAF PSYOPS, 1990-2003 by D L Haulman
41 Psywar and the Majestic Documents by R S Wood
42 British Political Warfare in World War Two
43 Forked-Tongue Warriors (PSYOPS) by Ian Urbina
44 Homepage of the 15 (UK) PSYOPS Group
45 The secrets of airborne propaganda distribution by Daniel Engber
46 Sefton Delmer Website
47 Korean War Psyops
48 PSYOP Regimental Blog
49 The relationship between EBO and the psychological dimension of warfare by W Burkett
50 PSYOP Leaflet drop, Afghanistan
51 Psyop: an Orwellian monster dressed up as a casualty reducer
52 Political Warfare & PSYOPS by F R Barnet & C Lord
53 Information Age PSYOP by R Bowdish
54 Psyop in Somalia
55 PSYOP, Oldest, Most Effective Weapon by M Long
56 PSYOP & the Warfighting CINC by Jeffrey Jones and Michael P Mathews
57 PSYOP and Mine Awareness by H A Friedman
58 Radio and U.S. Military Psyops by N Grace
60 NATO and Strategic PSYOPS: Policy Pariah or Growth Industry? by S Collins
61 PSYOPS in Operation Desert Fox (1998) by Herbert A. Friedman
62 Psychological Operations in Bosnia by T K Adams
63 Psychological Warfare against Serbia, 1999, from Radio Netherlands
64 The Internet and PSYOPS by Angela Maria Lunghu
65 In the Air With Commando Solo by Tom Vernon
66 PSYOP Equipment by FAS
67 Commando Solo Fact Sheet
68 A War of Words in Afghanistan by A. Sanders and R. Simon
69 PSYOP leaflets for Afghanistan
70 Opening Up the Psyops War in Afghanistan by Douglas Waller
71 US Broadcasts Propaganda Into Afghanistan by Kendall Clark
72 DOD Officials Call Afghanistan 'Ideal' For Psychological Operations by Adam J. Hebert
73 Troops Try To Win Hearts And Minds by Richard Tomkins
74 PSYOPS in Afghanistan by Emma Young
75 "Solo" tells Afghans they are not alone
76 War of Words: PSYOP in Afghanistan by Ryan Battles
77 US Military Psychological Warfare October 2001 - March 2002 by Radio Netherlands
78 Psyops Radio in Afghanistan
79 CA/PSYOPS in Afghanistan by Richard Davis
80 Army's 'psyops' media center a special kind of weapon by Jay Price
81 PSYOP Operations in the 21st Century by G Whitley
82 DOD aims psy-ops at Iraqi officers by Mathew French
83 PSYOPS in Iraqi Freedom by Prof Taylor
84 North Korean PSYOP pamphlet (1969)
85 New Developments in Chinese Strategic Psychological Warfare by T Thomas
86 China's Psychological Warfare by Laura K. Murray
87 Psywar keeps Tehran on tenterhooks by B Raman
88 Pentagon Hopes To Spread Propaganda Overseas ... by D R Mark
89 US Radio Ramshackle wins over Afghan locals (Afghanistan) by C Lamb
90 Change of Name: from PSYOP to MISO
91 Chris Lamb on MISO
92 Links to relevant articles and websites

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